active suspension / event 20

sound engineering & production for a marathon performance / CD release.

Twelve artists from the Active Suspension constellation (Paris) invade the Vooruit Art Center during 4 days next January 2004. It’s about music, but not only. It’s also about visual & sound art.

A very special event, EVENT 20, is the core of this residency : every day, eight hours of music are being improvised, recorded, and at the same time edited, and eventually compiled for a very limited special CD that will be available on the last evening, when Domotic, Hypo, o.lamm and Davide Balula will perform proper live acts.

Domotic, Hypo, O.lamm,Erich Zahn, My Jazzy Child and Noak Katoï, as well as local artists Bram Bosteels, Christian Schilli, Piet Jorens, Wart Thys, Jonas Van de Poele, GoDeville, Elise Pertz, Benne Douselaere, Siska De Groote, Pascal Petralia will join this 24 hour performance.

Numerous other performances and installations, within the walls of the centre or investigating public outer spaces in the city, by sound/visual artists Davide Balula & Stéphane Laporte, and Yuki Kawamura, are also being presented.