field recording

three recordings made on a hiking trip in Cirque mafate, RĂ©union island; on tour with Kevin Jean’s dance piece ‘des Paradis’.


Recordings in and around Sydney, Australia for “For Your Ears Only”, a radiophonic theatre play by Dianne Weller.

a track made in Nuuk (Gr) for the Jesus Creation Control Centre installation.
It is based upon a (non-edited) recording of a protest mars against the closing-down of a women-refugee house.
made during a residency within the etoiles polaires festival by arts centre Vooruit. It contains some of he very specific ways of ‘laughing’ the Inuit language uses to express the relationship between the speaker ande the subject of laughing.

sounds recorded with tascam DR-100 visiting Venice in 2009 for the biennale.

some random field recordings made in 2010

recorded in Tbilisi, Georgia for ‘the graveyard’

recorded in Melilla, Spain for ‘the graveyard’

recorded in Ulmu, Varnitsa and Chisinau, Moldova for ‘the graveyard’