Des Paradis – outside

Festival Plastique Danse Flore invited Kevin Jean to make an outside version of Des Paradis, the piece that I made sound for in 2015.

The new setting intensified the hypersensitivity aspect of the piece. Soundwise, I tried to let the universe (sound-space) that I created interact with the physical environment. In fact, it became some kind of augmented reality. Especially in the third part of the show, live mixing the delicate, almost inhearable sounds was an unforgettable experience. Listening to the sounds of the surroundings (wind, trees, birds, planes) while mixing simultaneously into the very same natural sound environment is a pure delight for me as a sound artist and human being.

Working and sharing space and time with Kevin, Sebastien and Laurie in this very specific setting – the gardens of  ‘le Pottager du roi’ in Versailles – was again a pleasure. The festival hosted several great performances, all of them outside in the gardens. It is run mostly by volunteers. I’m very happy and thankful to be part of it!


des paradis


pictures ©Amélie Blachot