music for library

release / kapotski Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy joined forces for a series of musical library experiences. For each session musicians were invited to play adapted library music – live, from an isolated adjoining room – for approximately one hour. This to entertain people while discovering an extraordinary collection of printed art. The record brings…

triple deck

another unusual kapotski release . Kapotski is a live plastic & electric impro trio. Its energy and singularity arise from the magic of playing together, from the dynamics that emerges between the three musicians Jonas Nachtergaele, Ruben Nachtergaele and Kurt Stockman. Triple Deck is  a release/installation that represents Kapotski in its purest form. For a week Jonas,…

les tombées de la nuit

‘paint it, Fred’ , a track I wrote for the bOOmfanfare, appears on the compilation CD ‘les tombées de la nuit. We played on this wonderfull festival in Rennes (Fr).    


Kapotski launched K.I.S.R.T.S. 2008, a.k.a. the Kapotski International Shopdrop Record Tracking System, at ‘the game is up’ festival at the Vooruit. It sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but it’s a simple and fun concept. #. Download zip licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Kapotski distributed 500 vinyl records in music…


08 may 2008: a third birth-day release for sweet little Trixie, on 300 mini CD’s. Wonderfull label-drawings by Ceren Oykut.  

Kapotski Optical Sound Generator

Kapotski participated at “The Game Is Up” festival at the Vooruit in Ghent and presented a limited serie of DIY optical tone generator kits. You can call it an installation, a realease, an instrument, a multiple.  I designed & printed a simple electronic circuit based upon this scheme: Inside a plastic sphere, we provided the circuit…

Singel Singel by kapotski & othin spake

Kapotski + othin spake played a concert together at Dedonderdagen. A split 7″ de ‘Single Single’ which featured live excerpts of this gig was released on 26th April 2007 and distributed for free in an installation @ deSingel. performance: Ruben Nachtergaele, Jonas Nachtergaele, Kurt Stockman, Teun Verbruggen, Mauro Pavlowski, Jozef Dumoulin mixed & mastered by Ruben Nachtergaele      

happy new ears

kapotski formed a ‘BigBand BigBandski’ with JMX, Iep Fourier and Tomas de Smet, Leen Roels and Barbara Van Hoestenberghe. All together, we played an impro set at the happy new ears festival. This is the festival sampler CD with track 5, ‘kapstoki’ by kapotski


03 march 2005: another birth-day release on 300 mini CD’s.. This time for our second beautiful baby-doughter Smilla. Made entirely in the hospital on my laptop. The track contains Smilla screaming in the background; the voice of Ayco, her older sister; my own vocals (lalalala) and a sample of Gerard Joling.  

active suspension / event 20

sound engineering & production for a marathon performance / CD release. Twelve artists from the Active Suspension constellation (Paris) invade the Vooruit Art Center during 4 days next January 2004. It’s about music, but not only. It’s also about visual & sound art. A very special event, EVENT 20, is the core of this residency…


23 oct 2002: Ayco is born! A birth-day release for our first daughter on 300 mini CD’s. I made this track in the last few weeks of pregnancy on an old Philips organ and a demo version of reason. So you can here elements like naive hope, great expectations and aspirations for a joyfull life.

lewis in heaven CD

In 2002 “lewis in heaven” an eponymous CD is being released on Our record (rip). Never waiste a good review…, so here we go with an exerpt from the milkfactory: “With roots found in the vast ethereal soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine (Rego), the vaporous progressive electronica of early Autechre (Foutu) or the melancholic neo-realism of Yann Tiersen (Suite), the least…