Sound design for a film by Bram Cartigny involving some home-brew foley and some glitched sounds made with Native Instruments Reaktor. 

There is a first generation of everything. A first generation of computers, Barbie dolls, filmmakers, airplanes etc. Well, there is also a first generation of ADHD kids. These kids were raised in the golden ‘90s.

‘1997’ centers around Bram, who happens to be the director, on a quest to know more about the diagnosis he once received. By talking to his mom, he tries to figure out how this label has affected his development. If it has at all. In a world where individuality prevails and identity is layered, why are we so keen in making everyone act as normal as possible? What are the social and family values that govern our individual behaviour? And how does, what we consider normal today, initially come into being? 

After winning the VAF Wildcard for his graduation work Pater Familias, Bram Cartigny creates this mid-length documentary combining found footage, animation, home videos and interviews with his mom and fellow contemporaries.