JCCC / etoiles polaires / Nuuk

The next step for me & my toy army.  The  Jesus Creation Control Centre invades Nuuk, Greenland.

Again not much of a resistance here. Temperature dough was not so ideal; but we survived. Maybe thanks to the  portion of whale blubber we consumed.

The installation was shown at the katuaq art centre. Again, the tracks I made for this installation consist of field recordings and electro-akoustic music composed under the influence of the powerfull landscape and people, the incredible rough social conditions of a nation in shock-transisition .. Thank you Kim Larssen for intruducing me to this unique place on earth and its inhabitants.

This is one of the tracks I made after  experiencing a demonstration against the closing down of a safe-house for women abused by their husbands. It contains some of he very specific ways of ‘laughing’ the Inuit language uses to express the relationship between the speaker ande the subject of laughing.