amatorski re:tbc // ‘8 november’ lewisinheaven rework


A while ago, I worked on this remix for the fine people of amatorksi. Today, they will present the whole remix album at Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels.

“We are happy to announce the release of a remix album, one year after the release of our album ‘tbc’. Quite soon after our album came out, a couple of artists and friends asked if they could make a remix of one of the tbc songs. We were really flabbergasted by the quality of the remixes and decided to make a complete remix album. Every track from the original album has been reworked.”

After fooling around a bit with the guitar track, a new swing / beat emerged, I added two simple synths .. and it sounds like this:


‘re:tbc’, the rework version of the album ‘tbc’ is available in a limited vinyl edition, only 500 exclusive, numbered pieces. Have a listen and order it here.