Kapotski Optical Sound Generator

Kapotski participated at “The Game Is Up” festival at the Vooruit in Ghent and presented a limited serie of DIY optical tone generator kits. You can call it an installation, a realease, an instrument, a multiple.  I designed & printed a simple electronic circuit based upon this scheme:


Inside a plastic sphere, we provided the circuit print, components and a manual.

Check the prototype clip to experience how these will/can sound.

Experience Art for Sale in the literal sense of the word with the arcade games trail in the Vooruit building. Just put a coin in your arcade game of choice and take a piece of art – of varying value – home with you. The game is up! asked all the participating artists to design art objects especially for the festival. Some machines guarantee a prize; others have more exclusive material to offer. To win these prizes, you’ll need more than a fair share of luck.

With contributions by Matthieu Laurette, Julian Dibbell, the Superamas, Aarich Jespers (Zita Swoon), the Germans, Reverend Billy, Andrea Crews, Carlos Katastrofsky, Eugene Chadbourne, Kira Kira, Kapotski and many, many more. Also including the Patchinko machine by Etoy and artists selected by guest curator Edith Doove.