Andrew a strong courageous warrior

sound design for the master graduation project of Abigail Liparoto.

This project started in 2014 a she documented herself in a long term performance work. Abigail knew quite well what she wanted for this movie. Although the original recordings were very lo-fi, it was really sensitive and accurate material to work with. We worked together on foley re-enacting, roomtones and ambiances. Off screen sound events were essential in the unconventional storytelling. We needed to create distance and spaces here, so lots of EQ’ing and Impulse Response reverb tweaking. And then I focused on a balanced mix for screenings.



” If identity is established only in the active maintenance of difference, may one arrive at a tentative state beyond identity simply by the possibility of performing the other?
As real life becomes a performance the question is posed which of them is real? Is any of it? Despite the doubts there seems to be an inability to escape the potency of the fiction. It is the mundane mechanism of daily life that provide the means of questioning ones own fiction. There is a keenness to reconsider the daily seen, the known and familiar.
The banality and repetition are the motifs that sustain this isolation. Yet it is not simply that performing ones gender is boring or an isolated state. But instead, it is in the isolation that one becomes aware of the power of the banality. And in the physical reconsideration of the ordinary begins a quiet revolution, one object and gesture at a time.

This auto-ethnographic work is the first film of the artist and is a portrait of performaivity. Filmed over over 9 months in the artists apartment it forms part work of a larger research project title Andrew has his period. (Anecdotes of Androgyny). ”