Daddy Went & Daddy Did

In the summer of 1916, one million (1.000.000) young men died on The Great War’s Western Front alone, for the sake of zilch (0) gain of terrain, let alone peace. With that dadaistic death toll in mind, the iconic contemporary posters of the British Parliamentary Recruiting Committee leave a particularly bitter taste one century (100 years) later.

‘Daddy Went & Daddy Did’ is a reflection on patriotism, (war) propaganda… and peace. The one minute – and partly animated – short is being realized by SANCTA, following a call to commemorate The First World War by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, the Flemish Literature Fund, Kinepolis and Canvas and will be shown in theatres and on public television in 2014.

‘Daddy Went & Daddy Did’ is a realization of Kristoff Leue and Thomas Ceulemans – art direction by Joost Jansen, 3D-animation by Cyborn , sound design Ruben Nachtergaele and Benjamin Verdonck in the role of Daddy – based on an original idea by Frank Delmelle.

Daddy Went. Daddy Did. from SANCTA on Vimeo.