lewis in heaven CD

In 2002 “lewis in heaven” an eponymous CD is being released on Our record (rip). Never waiste a good review…, so here we go with an exerpt from the milkfactory:

“With roots found in the vast ethereal soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine (Rego), the vaporous progressive electronica of early Autechre (Foutu) or the melancholic neo-realism of Yann Tiersen (Suite), the least that can be said about this album is that it challenges preconceptions of what an electronic record should be. In just under forty minutes, Nachtergaele scans the realms of contemporary culture with the innocence of a child discovering the world, touching everything for the first time, and respecting no convention. This album offers a rather disconcerting and unsettling listening experience as, as it progresses, it becomes obvious that anything could happen at any moment. Although it has everything to sound disjointed and patchy, Lewis In Heaven is actually extremely consistent, as Nachtergaele really works a unique idea all the way through, simply testing it on different contexts. From the broken pop song which opens this album to the piece of classic electronica that closes it, Nachtergaele shows an incredibly diversity in sound processing and musical treatment. Rego, perhaps one of the most dense moments here, starts as a gentle piece of electronica reminiscent of Boards Of Canada, but rapidly builds up to its full glory, complete with treated guitars and organic beats. This also transpires, although in an entirely different way, on the splendid Foutu. If the connection with Autechre circa Incunabula is unavoidable, Foutu, with its raw pulsating beat and rumbling metallic sounds remains firmly in LIH territory. Suite presents a darker, murkier side to Nachtergaele’s music as a desolate accordion paces back and forth between the same three notes, while a beat-less melody slowly emerges in the background.Play Repeat, which follows, is darker still. The gloomy gothic mood of the background sounds serves the metallic drums and dark vocals, contributing to make this song a rather unsettling moment.

With this first offering, Ruben Nachtergaele impresses a lot by the maturity of his sound and ability to warp genres and atmospheres to make them suit his sonic realm. Nachtergaele is definitely an artist who could be destined to become a major contender on the music scene, and Lewis In Heaven is an album that deserves not to be ignored.”


We had a small tour with this set on some festivals, including boomtown in Ghent. We = Jonas Nachtergaele (guitar), Stain (RIP) (turntables), Kurt Stockman (vocals), Olivier Provost (whisteling), Erwin Vanderjeugt (vocal introduction)